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Best Surrogacy Agency - Surrogates, why choose IMA ART Fertility?

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IMA ART Fertility’s luxury boutique surrogacy agency business model is a first of its kind, with direct benefits to surrogates and their families.

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Our surrogacy services are individualized and care-driven

At IMA ART Fertility, we take pride in our wide range of fertility, surrogacy and concierge services. We work with expert assisted reproductive technology (ART) specialists in beautiful Beverly Hills, use a thorough screening process for potential surrogates, and have a careful matching process to be sure the values, goals and expectations of surrogate mothers and intended parents are aligned. This is to help ensure a smooth, stress-free and rewarding surrogacy journey for everyone involved.

We specialize in gestational surrogacy. Unlike traditional surrogacy, in this surrogacy process the surrogate mother is not biologically related to the child. Instead, a fertilized egg is implanted into the surrogate’s uterus via in vitro fertilization (IVF) and she carries the baby to term. The egg is fertilized using one or both of the intended parents’ gametes, or may involve a sperm or egg donor.

At IMA ART, we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to create their dream family. We offer our first-class services not only to heterosexual couples experiencing infertility but also to individuals and LGBTQ couples.

What makes IMA ART Fertility the best surrogate agency is our luxury approach, high base compensation, comprehensive resources, and the undivided attention our Co-Founders give to our surrogates and intended parents. Specialized support is essential for your rewarding surrogacy experience.

As surrogacy professionals, IMA ART Fertility is here for you round the clock, seven days a week, to ensure you have peace of mind and that your needs are met while you give grateful couples and individuals the gift of parenthood.

In addition to the competitive base compensation and financial benefits our surrogate mothers receive, there is also the fulfillment and satisfaction that comes from helping joyful, excited intended parents build a family.


A select few intended parents and gestational surrogates are accepted into our luxury program each year. This directly translates to our having more time for each of you. Our goal is to be recognized as the pre-eminent luxury fertility and top surrogacy agency and concierge.

Before, during and after your surrogate journey at IMA ART Fertility, you will work and communicate directly with Co-Founder and CEO Michelle Tang and Co-Founder Ron Sonnenberg. We do not hand you off to a subordinate case manager. For the Co-Founders of IMA ART, this is much more than a 9-5 job. It’s a life and a passion to help create beautiful families with your precious help.

Our Co-Founders understand that surrogacy does not take a day off. They make themselves available to the surrogates after hours and on weekends and holidays. If you have a question or need assistance, you won’t be left alone waiting for Monday afternoon to roll around to get a call back — when some subordinate finally gets around to answering your request, after dealing with dozens of others, received over the weekend.

That might be your experience at other surrogacy agencies, but at IMA ART Fertility our surrogate mothers are VIPs, just as our clients are. We go the distance to make sure our surrogates not only have our attention, but also comprehensive care, access to important resources like our Clinical Psychologist, and generous surrogate compensation.

Luxury surrogacy services for you

Navigate your unique journey from the palm of your hand

You can communicate with Co-Founders Michelle and Ron on IMA ART’s specially built and designed private app. You will be invited to download the app from Apple or Google’s online stores. The IMA ART app is a terrific tool to help you manage your busy day, especially if there’s no time to sit down at your desk or kitchen table. The app is multi-functional and always with you on the go. The IMA ART app turns the paperwork at other surrogate agencies into a simplified digital communication platform.

IMA ART's intended parents are high net-worth individuals. We are a first-of-its-kind fertility and surrogacy provider exclusively dedicated to serving the uber-successful, including international intended parents from around the world.

This is important because wealthy couples and individuals have the financial wherewithal to pay among the highest base compensations in the industry and to provide their surrogates with surrogate-specific Private Maternity Medical Insurance, Accidental Death Insurance and Loss of Reproductive Organs Insurance. Learn more.

Why? Because IMA ART surrogates and their families deserve to be well protected and not to rely upon their own medical insurance to cover maternity and delivery costs. Some providers are now placing insurance liens on the surrogate's compensation and other surrogate benefits. There is no way IMA ART is going to allow our surrogates to face this potential risk. We avoid that by guiding our intended parents to buy private, surrogate-specific insurance for our surrogates.

Mental and psychological support

IMA ART Fertility cares about the mental and physical well-being of everyone involved in the surrogacy program. This includes before embryo implantation, during the nine months that the surrogate mother carries the baby to term, and after delivery. That’s why the luxury surrogacy agency offers 10 monthly check-ins by a highly trained and experienced Clinical Psychologist.

If a surrogate mother is feeling stressed and unhappy, not only will it affect her health and the health of the unborn child, but also those family members in the house. And let’s not forget family pets, who feel our stress too.

IMA ART’s luxury surrogacy program includes one check-in after childbirth to make sure you are recovering well as your body and hormones re-adjust to life after a pregnancy. Learn More.

Other distinguishing hallmarks of IMA ART Fertility

IMA ART Fertility is strategically positioned in beautiful Beverly Hills, California — located among some of the best assisted reproductive technology (ART) clinics in the country. The world-class fertility clinics in our network have excellent fertility specialists with many years of experience.

When it’s time for embryo transfer at an IVF clinic, you’ll walk luxurious Rodeo Drive and take lunch at the Gucci cafe with our CEO Michelle Tang. Or take a Beverly Hills and Bel Air tour to see the homes of the stars.

And, of course, all IMA ART surrogates have the freedom to choose which intended parents they may be paired with on their beautiful surrogacy journey. Learn more.


At IMA ART Fertility, we believe being a gestational carrier - for a person or a couple you met for the first-time months before agreeing to accept their embryo - is equally as challenging whether you’re living in California, Delaware, New Hampshire or Washington.


And because being pregnant and delivering a baby is not without its health risks, intended parents are guided to purchase some of the best private surrogate specific insurance in the marketplace. This way, if something should happen – as unlikely as that may be – your partner and children will be protected.

Base Compensation


$ 85,000. 


Comprehensive Surrogate Insurance 


18-month accidental death insurance : up to $ 550,000 coverage


Loss of Reproductive Organs Insurance : between $ 5,000 to $ 10,000


Total Disability Insurance : maximum benefit $ 250,000


Some surrogates arrive with their own medical insurance. However, some insurance companies are no longer providing insurance coverage for babies born through a surrogacy contract. IMA ART does not want you to worry about that distinct possibility, and so we guide our intended parents to purchase Maternity Care Insurance, which provides up to $ 250,000 of coverage for in network providers.


Clinical Psychologist (PhD) Ongoing Support


Before implantation, during the pregnancy and after birth.


Other Expenses & Reimbursements

Speak with us about these reimbursements, we won’t disappoint you

Surrogate Candidate Medical Screening 

Surrogate Candidate Legal Confirmation

Monthly Expense Allowance

Injectable Medication Allowance

Embryo Transfer Allowance


Maternity Clothing Allowance

Variable Reimbursements –

Mock Cycle Allowance

Cancelled or Dropped Embryo Transfer Cycle Allowance

Ectopic Pregnancy

Invasive Procedure Inconvenience Fee

Termination or D&E at or after the 13th gestational week, Selective Reduction

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Pattern background of the flower of life
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Interested in becoming a surrogate?

Get in touch with our luxury surrogacy executive team today.

Best Surrogacy Agency FAQ

Here are answers to some of the common questions about why IMA ART Fertility is the best surrogacy agency. If your question wasn’t answered above, you can visit our complete Surrogate FAQ and Parent FAQ, or contact us.

What is IMA ART’s full services list?

IMA ART Fertility offers comprehensive fertility treatments and surrogacy services. These include intrauterine insemination (IUI), in vitro fertilization (IVF), sperm donation, intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI), preimplantation genetic testing (PGT), egg freezing, egg donor and sperm donor banks, and male infertility treatments. Read more about fertility treatments and surrogacy.

How does surrogacy law affect a surrogate at IMA-ART Fertility?

California is the most surrogacy-friendly state in the U.S., which is one of the main reasons IMA ART Fertility is located in Los Angeles County. Favorable surrogacy laws surrounding compensation, pre-birth orders, surrogacy and egg donation, among other related topics, make the state ideal for surrogacy services, IVF clinics, sperm and egg donor agencies, and any other entity associated with fertility and surrogacy.

We understand how a comfortable and stress-free environment can impact a surrogate’s journey and the overall success rate of treatments and services. In the state of California, a gestational carrier can be compensated adequately, and an intended parent can be granted full parental rights without having to go through the adoption process post-birth.

At IMA ART Fertility, there will be no unnecessary legal red tape to navigate before, during or after your surrogacy.

How much money does a surrogate earn?

The total amount that will be paid, including additional benefits and fees, will be agreed upon between intended parents and the surrogate before embryo implantation. However, at IMA ART Fertility we set that expectation that base compensation will be $85,000. Surrogates are in high demand, and carrying a baby for nine months is hard work that exposes any surrogate mother to potential health risks.

While some agencies vary the cost of surrogacy depending on numerous factors, we believe that new surrogates and experienced surrogates everywhere deserve the same high rate of compensation. So, we go against the trend by setting the same generous payment expectations whether you are a first-time surrogate or a former surrogate who has chosen to become a surrogate mother again, or whether you live in Billings, Montana or New York City.

The money that is put in escrow will be paid out throughout your pregnancy. Read more about surrogate compensation.

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