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Surrogacy Network

Surrogacy Network is the leading directory and platform for surrogacy professionals. Hundreds use it daily to discover, connect with and review surrogacy professionals. The road to parenthood starts here.

Starting the road to parenthood via surrogacy can be overwhelming. Finding trusted professionals to start your surrogacy journey can be challenging.

Surrogacy Network is passionate about helping intended parents, surrogates and egg donors find what they need and helping the professionals that provide these services succeed.

Surrogacy Network was founded back in 2016 by parents through surrogacy with a vision to make finding the best surrogacy professionals easier.

Since then hundreds of professionals worldwide have joined this platform to improve their online presence and find new clients. Intended parents use Surrogacy Network to check providers profiles, reviews and websites to help them make a decision.

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Rainbow Families of Hong Kong

Rainbow Families of Hong Kong is a volunteer-lead group of LGBTQ+ parents, and prospective parents, in Hong Kong. Through social and educational activities RFHK works to connect, educate and empower diverse populations in Hong Kong, ensuring they authentically understand #LoveMakesAFamily. Their goal is to actively increase awareness in Hong Kong so that LGBTQI+ families feel safe, respected and valued.

IMA ART Fertility has been a member of this group since 2020.

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