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We believe that everyone has a right to create a family. Whether you are a couple or an individual, heterosexual or LGBTQ+, we can find a pathway to help you deliver your dream. Whatever approach you take, Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) or commercial surrogacy, we will support you with our robust Fertility Governance framework and our unparalleled personal service.

Access to the world’s best fertility and surrogacy expertise

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Driven by personal experience — our fertility story and more

At our heart is our founder, Michelle Tang. From her own experience of the myriad of medical, legal and emotional complexities involved in the field of fertility, comes our profound commitment to building our clients’ families.

IMA ART founder and head fertility concierge Michelle Tang

At IMA ART, we take great pride in delivering luxury fertility concierge services to support you on your journey, and are exclusively focused on helping you become parents. To deliver truly impactful fertility advisory services, it’s important for compassion and empathy to run through the veins of a company, as it does here at IMA ART.

Michelle and her husband are an infertile couple, and Michelle herself has experienced years of challenges with infertility and family creation. For years, the couple had been trying to conceive naturally, before turning to IVF in Hong Kong. Throughout her fertility journey, Michelle suffered three very traumatic and frightening miscarriages.

Rather than giving up, Michelle turned adversity to strength and courage, channelling her deep feelings of loss and experience into connecting with and helping others through their own IVF and Surrogacy journeys. 

These personal experiences gave Michelle the ability to listen to and understand, on a profoundly deep level, the many heartfelt stories of women who’d experienced similar heartbreaks with fertility. Michelle’s passion, empathy, and first-hand experience is what drives us here at IMA ART Fertility.

We know how stressful the journey through infertility treatments can be, and provide our clients with a world-class experience to help you relax and breathe easy as we craft a path to parenthood unique to your needs and desires.

From Michelle comes our uncompromising belief in technical excellence, robust governance, and unparalleled personal concierge service.

Establishing IMA ART Fertility in the State of California, we provide our professional assistance to any couple, and any single person, with a dream of becoming parents. We combine California’s progressive laws with California’s most competent and experienced IVF Clinics, and our founder Michelle Tang’s expertise in Governance and Risk & Compliance. Our Fertility Governance ensures parents make better and well informed decisions, through improved communications and efficiency. 

Our select clientele are diverse, with diverse backgrounds. Parents are welcome from all over the world, seeking our guidance and professional assistance. Michelle Tang personally guides each fertility and surrogacy journey. We are not driven by profit or year-on-year gains and reports to shareholders. IMA ART Fertility is privately held by our founder with one goal — to help. 

Michelle and her husband draw on a lifetime’s experience working at the highest levels of global finance and international trade — while facing the most essential of all life’s struggles. The result is IMA ART, a way of making the most demanding of all journeys more personal, bringing together the very best medical, legal and emotional support to achieve that single goal — your baby.

We are with you all the way — offering empathy and understanding, from initial inquiry to your very first steps as a family. Because we are on this journey too.

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Pattern background of the flower of life
Pattern background of the flower of life

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