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Do I qualify to be an IMA ART Fertility surrogate?

Please think about the answers to these initial questions to see if you might qualify:

  • Are you between the ages of 21-37?

  • Have you had at least 1 full-term, healthy, successful pregnancy and delivery, but no more than 5?

  • Have you had more than 2 C-sections? 

  • Do you have a healthy BMI?

  • Are you financially stable? (You must not be receiving government assistance) 

  • Do you live in a surrogacy friendly State? (check our State Surrogacy map)

Depending upon your answers to these preliminary questions, you may meet our basic surrogacy requirements. We invite you to take the first step today to making a dream come true for someone who’s ready to bring a child into their life, and just needs a little help. Register your interest here. 

Do I qualify to be an IMA ART Fertility surrogate?

There are two types of surrogacy: gestational surrogacy and traditional surrogacy. Traditional surrogates use the surrogate mother’s eggs and the intended father’s sperm, making the surrogate biologically related to the baby. Gestational surrogates (also known as gestational carriers) are not related to the child they carry. Instead, the intended mother’s egg or a donor egg is used, then implanted once fertilized.

What is gestational surrogacy?

There is a high likelihood your matched parents will reside in a different State or live internationally. But, don’t worry — there is no need to relocate. Many of our parents would love to visit you and your family and attend some of your OB appointments. 

Depending upon where you reside, some travel may be required to the IVF clinic for pre-screening, pre-transfer monitoring and embryo implantation.

During the pregnancy, you may see your local OBGYN. If agreed with the IVF Clinic, your cycling monitoring appointments for the cycling injections — which prepare your body for the embryo transfer — may be done with your Obstetrician. 

Will I be matched to a parent or parents in my State?

Yes. Surrogates in our program may also have preferences for the parents. IMA ART Fertility wants you to have a fulfilling journey and build meaningful relationships with the parents. We help parents with different religions, cultures, nationalities, geographic locations, sexual orientations, and parents with their own ideas concerning termination and selective reduction to have families. Please think about your preferences and discuss them with IMA ART Fertility Senior Management — we want to ensure you’re matched with intended parents who make you excited for the surrogacy journey ahead.

Can I have preferences for the parents I might be matched with?

Yes — a recent visit to your OBGYN is required for your health and the health of the baby.. He or She will be asked to complete a form approving you to be a surrogate. Certain tests, a pap smear, and a medical screening may also be required before your OBGYN agrees to approve you for surrogacy.  

Do I need to see my OBGYN to be approved to be a surrogate?

Parents may be present for the embryo transfer and will position themselves near your head. Some parents may only be able to join via Zoom or Facetime. By the time of the embryo transfer, you and the parents will have spoken with each other multiple times and it’s natural for both parties to want to be there for the special day.

Will the parents be present for the embryo transfer and OBGYN ultrasounds?

All telectronic psychological assessments must be performed under HIPAA compliant platforms. As such, we do not use these platforms, and will advise you on HIPAA-compliant platforms that protect your privacy.

Can we conduct the psychological assessment virtually via FaceTime or Skype?

No. Federal privacy laws (HIPAA) prohibit our Clinical Psychologist from sharing all but the very necessary information. IMA ART Fertility wants you to have a trustworthy, comfortable, open, and candid discussion with the Clinical Psychologist.

Will my answers to the psychological assessment be reported in its entirety to IMAART Fertility and parents?

Absolutely. Psychological support is included throughout the pregnancy and is paid for by the parents. The Clinical Psychologist who will interview you at the beginning of the journey will check-in to see how you’re doing. Your comfort and journey is a top priority for us. We understand that the surrogacy process is a committed and involved journey, and want to provide you with all the support you need to feel relaxed and excited to help someone start their family.

Will surrogates receive psychological support during the pregnancy?

IMA ART Fertility and most of the parents ask that surrogates do not breastfeed the baby due to attachment considerations. However, and with the prior written agreement of the parties in the surrogacy contract with the parents, you can pump breast milk.

Some of our parents prefer baby formula, where-as others would appreciate natural breastmilk. If breastmilk is preferred it should be discussed and entered into the Surrogacy Agreement with the parents. In the case of breast milk, there is compensation for your dedication. 

Can a surrogate breastfeed the baby?

Base compensation $85,000. Other services like housekeeping, bed rest, childcare, maternity clothes, monthly expenses, travel expenses for fertility clinic and doctor appointments, and compensation in the event of complications are fees that may be covered by the intended parents, subject to individual agreement.

How much do surrogates make for carrying a child?

Please discuss this important question with a CPA in the State where you reside. It’s important you fully understand your tax implications on any compensation received as a result of the Surrogacy Agreement. 

Is surrogate compensation taxable?

The CEO and Founder of IMA ART, Michelle Tang, struggled for years with her own challenges with infertility. In overcoming adversity, Michelle decided to channel her emotions and experiences into helping others through their IVF and Surrogacy journeys.

Fertility Governance: Michelle’s background in the financial industry has defined her seasoned guidance and leadership at IMA ART. She developed and championed Fertility Governance as a new discipline and innovative management system to streamline the fertility journey. Good risk management — an integral part of Fertility Governance — ensures that senior management at IMA ART are prepared and responsive for whatever needs may arise.

Mental Health Support for Surrogates: IMA ART Fertility senior management exceeds usual norms of surrogacy agencies in taking care of and looking out for the medical and psychological well-being of our surrogates. This includes not only the customary psychological evaluation by an experienced clinical psychologist, but also regular calls to you during the pregnancy and after birth.

A Bridge Between You and Intended Parents: Because the IMA ART senior management are internationalists, we understand the cultures and expectations of foreigners and are best suited to help bridge challenges, as unlikely as they may be. 

Privacy: Additionally, your privacy is of the utmost importance to us. Your photo will never be shared, nor any information you provide us with shared beyond legally agreed parties, such as with the intended parents or between medical providers.

Your Rights Protected: You will also be provided with access to our network of experts working at the forefront of surrogacy laws to assist you in the nuances of the surrogacy legal contract.

Comprehensive Care: We are concerned not only for your well-being, but also the well-being of your partner and your own biological children. At no time and under no circumstances will IMA ART Fertility cut corners to save money. Our aim is a safe, healthy and secure pregnancy.

Why should I work with IMA ART?

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