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The gift of life

Become a surrogate

the gift of life  

Pattern background of the flower of life
Pattern background of the flower of life

Interested in becoming a surrogate?

Get in touch with our luxury surrogacy executive team today.

When you decide to give the gift of surrogacy, it’s normal to have many questions. How do I apply to become a surrogate? Are there surrogacy requirements? What does the surrogacy journey involve exactly?

Art piece of a woman becoming a surrogate

It takes an extraordinary woman to become a surrogate. You’re helping someone achieve their dreams of parenthood.

Experience luxurious surrogacy. 

A surrogate is a woman who agrees to carry a baby for a couple or individual who are unable to conceive. There are two types of surrogacy: gestational surrogacy and traditional surrogacy. A traditional surrogate uses her own egg, which is fertilized in the laboratory or through artificial insemination. As a gestational surrogate, you are not biologically related to the baby or babies and you will be protected by a legal contract signed by both you and the parents or intended parent.

When you choose to be a surrogate mother, you’re helping an individual or couple experience the gift of having a child.

your journey

Starting Out

Your first step on this exciting and rewarding journey is simply to get in touch with us. We will then take you through our pre-screening process, which includes reviewing medical records and making reference calls, as well as conducting an in-home visit and interview. The next step is a meet-up with the parents, typically four weeks after successful completion of pre-screening. Given the global nature of our clientele, this first meeting often happens online.

Maternity Portrait of Michelle Tang, CEO & Co-Founder of IMA ART Fertility, luxury fertility & surrogacy concierge. Speak to Michelle Tang writing on the picture.

Clinical psychology for surrogates

At IMA ART, we offer unparalleled mental health surrogate support. Our Clinical Psychologist will play a critical role in your journey from the start. This involves private consultations and personality assessments, meetings with your significant other, and assessing your support network before implantation. Unlike with most surrogacy agencies, you’ll receive monthly check-ins with our Psychologist throughout your surrogacy journey, from embryo transfer through delivery. We also provide our surrogates with post-delivery check-ins to make sure you’re adjusting alright.

This professional evaluation compliments and enhances our processes to ensure surrogates and parents are as prepared as possible for what lay ahead.

The most comprehensive insurance for IMA ART surrogates

You and your family deserve the best insurance protection in the market. This and our pregnancy compensation make IMA ART Fertility a luxury surrogacy program.


IMA ART Fertility offers the most comprehensive and protective insurance programs for our surrogates. Surrogacy medical maternity, life insurance, loss of reproductive organs and total disability insurance protect the surrogate’s health and client financial exposure. And last but not least, newborn medical insurance for the baby.  


Maternity medical insurance plan for the surrogate’s medical expenses for the pregnancy through end of journey. This insurance cover labor and delivery, up to a two year period.  IMA ART LLC will arrange a meeting with the Insurance specialist for advice and guidance.


The loss of reproductive organs insurance cover for partial and full hysterectomy, and any reproductive organ loss. Total disability insurance provides coverage for total disability and gives our surrogates and their families the financial security they deserve.


In the case of an unforeseen incident, we want to make sure your family is taken care of. Parents are responsible for Surrogate Accidental Death Insurance for the surrogate’s family and the parents, so you can know that no matter what your family will be alright.


There will also be medical insurance for the newborn baby.

Home visits and support network

This home visit is an important pre-approval step. We look at physical conditions inside and outside your home. We meet your partner and children living with you to understand whether you have a strong support network to help you throughout the surrogate journey.
At this point, we want to hear more about your preferences and ideal environment as a gestational carrier. What do you hope for from the intended parents during the pregnancy? How much do you want them involved?

At this stage in the surrogacy process, we begin psychological and medical screenings to confirm your mental and physical health.

Where is surrogacy legal?

We work exclusively with those surrogate candidates who are domiciled in Surrogate friendly States.
The vast majority of US States legally protect the rights of parents seeking surrogacy, through statutes and case law. IMA ART Fertility will not engage a Surrogate in a State where the parents rights are not fully protected. Under US law, parents are recognized as the legal parents even when a Gestational Surrogate is used.

Pattern background of the flower of life
Pattern background of the flower of life
Pattern background of the flower of life

Apply to be a surrogate

Get in touch with our luxury surrogacy executive team today.

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