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IMA ART starts searching for surrogate candidates after there is a viable embryo. There are two trips for surrogacy and all steps are carefully managed by IMA ART:

Surrogacy timeline


Medical Pre-Screening and FDA & Carrier Screening.


Eggs and sperm are retrieved in the first 14-day trip in Los Angeles.


IVF laboratory fertilizes the eggs to create embryos and performs PGT.


Embryos frozen under cryopreservation in the IVF laboratory in Los Angeles. 


After viable embryo(s) are confirmed (approximately 2-3 weeks after PGT) IMA ART Fertility starts searching for surrogates based on the clients’ criteria.


IMA ART Fertility pre-screens surrogates’ criminal record, financial and physical condition (medical history) before presenting to clients. 


After initially matched, the surrogate candidate will be examined further by our Fertility Specialist and Clinical Psychologist on her medical and psychological suitability to be a surrogate.


Once confirmed, both surrogate and clients (parents) engage attorneys to draft the Surrogate Agreement. If surrogate already has her own insurance policy, it will also be reviewed by her attorney to determine if additional surrogacy maternity and life insurance will be required.


If surrogacy maternity insurance is needed, IMA ART Fertility arranges an insurance adviser to explain the detailed terms of the insurance policy and explain the underwriting process.  


Contract executed by both parties. Surrogate starts taking IVF medications and undergoes frozen embryo transfer at one of the designated IMA ART Fertility IVF clinics. 


Once pregnancy is confirmed, clients and attorneys evaluate the need for new-born insurance and pay premium when fetus heartbeat is confirmed.


During the pregnancy, surrogate is monitored by her OBGYN and Clinical Psychologist. 


At around 28 weeks pregnancy, IMA ART Fertility works with our Reproductive Law attorney to obtain the Parental Court Order. 


At 36 weeks pregnancy, clients will travel to Los Angeles to pick up the new-born baby and go back to their home country as a family. (This trip may take upwards of 4-5 weeks)

A complete  
surrogacy solution

for discerning private individuals

Surrogacy can be an emotionally demanding journey. We work hard to make the process as smooth and comfortable as possible, for high-net-worth individuals.

The best surrogacy agency, with solutions  for the LGBTQIA+ community, heterosexual couples and singles.  Delivered through meticulous IMA ART attention to detail and personal care.

From finding a surrogate to introducing world-class reproductive medical care, we at IMA ART Fertility is the best surrogacy agency. We organize the entire surrogacy process so you can focus on your journey to parenthood. 

In the State of California, surrogacy is an option for LGBTQIA+, couples and singles looking to build their families. In most countries around the world, the LGBTQIA+ community and singles are prohibited from creating their families. IMA ART Fertility welcomes everyone to Beverly Hills to begin their journey to parenthood - here to help you conceive.

A ‘surrogate mother’ is a woman who carries and delivers a child on behalf of the intended parents. We specialize in gestational surrogacy, where the fertilized egg of the intended parent’s is implanted in the surrogate’s uterus and carried to delivery, so the surrogate is not biologically related to the child.

How surrogacy works for gay couples, will include an egg donor. There are two options for egg donation; frozen eggs and or fresh eggs.

IMA ART Fertility follows the American Society for Reproductive Medicine recommendations for practices utilizing gestational carriers, and has constructed an extensive network of specialists at the forefront of surrogacy work.

How much is a surrogate? Contact us to privately discuss the costs of your surrogacy journey.

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Surrogacy timeline

Once we’ve confirmed the health and viability of your chosen eggs and sperm, IMA ART begins the search for the best candidate to carry your child for you. Intended parents will typically make two trips to our Los Angeles home office for surrogacy solutions, and all steps are carefully managed by IMA ART:

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Finding a Surrogate

We take our time assessing our surrogate applicants to make sure we provide you with a wide array of high-quality surrogates to consider. For this reason, wait times for a match may be six to nine months.

Our surrogacy candidates undergo extensive questions about their lifestyle and support systems. We include questions related to their medical history, medical conditions, family, support system, education, views on the surrogacy journey, and whether they have successfully carried a pregnancy to term in the past.
We ask difficult surrogate pregnancy questions, including terminating a pregnancy due to genetic abnormalities or selective reduction. The answer to all of these questions are an integral part of a successful matching process.

How much is a surrogate? Contact us to privately discuss the costs of your surrogacy journey.

Where is surrogacy legal?

We work exclusively with those surrogate candidates who reside in surrogate-friendly states.


The vast majority of US states legally protect the rights of parents seeking surrogacy, through statutes and case law. This ensures an easy transition when your child is born. IMA ART Fertility will not engage a surrogate in a state where the parents rights are not fully protected and legal issues could arise. Under United States law, parents are recognized as the legal parents even when a Gestational Surrogate is used.

Matching you with the perfect surrogate

IMA ART Fertility will match you with surrogates who are healthy, excited, and meet both IMA ART’s requirements alongside American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) guidelines


Our surrogates are educated, sincere, motivated, and excited to help someone build a family. Surrogates are thoroughly vetted and examined to ensure a safe, stable lifestyle, good health, and successful pregnancy birth history. Parents may expect approximately 15 to 24 months from the initial application to the arrival of their baby.

How much is a surrogate? Contact us to privately discuss the costs of your surrogacy journey.

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