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At IMA ART, we place enormous importance on safeguarding your interest. That’s why we provide world-class clinical psychological support, to prepare parents and surrogates for the journey ahead, and to support a successful outcome.

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Clinical Psychology — because your interest as parents comes first

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When it comes to surrogacy and becoming a parent, you want to know your future is in the best hands. That’s why we provide both parents and surrogates with clinical psychological support from beginning to end.

At IMA ART, we follow the American Society for Reproductive Medicine’s recommendations for surrogacy best practices. But unlike surrogacy agencies, our support doesn’t end there. 

All surrogates on the IMA ART secure database undergo extensive high quality screenings by health professionals prior to your review. We screen for physical health and health problems, mental health and mental illness, previous successes carrying a child to term, background, and more. 

Safeguarding Your Interest with World-Class Surrogacy Support

Your choice for surrogate will undergo further essential assessments by our IMA ART Clinical Psychologist and Executive Team, including:

  • Personality assessments

  • Psychological evaluations

  • Consultations

  • House visits

  • Interviews with the surrogate’s significant other and family members

  • Assessments of their relationships to make sure they have a strong support system throughout the surrogacy journey

  • Monthly check-ins following implantation.

These monthly check-ins serve to help relieve any psychological distress a surrogate mother may experience and to support them in remaining clear-headed, calm, and committed on their journey to bring your heir into the world. 

You’ll also be offered the opportunity to meet with our Clinical Psychologist to help you prepare for what lays ahead. 

The work of most surrogacy agencies includes matching their clients with a surrogate and facilitating communication between parents and surrogates. But your fertility support system should also include assisting you every step of the way, from travel logistics to essential legal documents to psychological support for intended parents and surrogates. 


As your support system throughout your fertility journey, we at IMA ART go the extra mile towards ensuring the best for you and your child. 


Providing psychological support for surrogates throughout surrogacy helps you threefold. It supports a healthy and low-stress pregnancy. It allows you to breathe easy knowing your child is in the best of hands. And finally, it clears the way for a seamless transition into your family once your baby is born.

Bringing You to the Next Level of Surrogacy Services

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