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Insurance for parents, surrogates and newborns

Surrogacy arrangements are complex, whether legal, emotional or financial. So we offer advice on managing all attendant risk.


Medical insurance plan for the surrogate’s medical expenses, including assisted reproduction and fertility treatments. Surrogates will be asked to submit their current insurance policy to our Reproductive Law attorney and Insurance specialist to assess coverage. If surrogacy pregnancy is not covered, IMA ART Fertility will arrange a meeting with the Insurance specialist for advice and guidance.


The Surrogate Maternity Contractual Liability Insurance Plan. This indemnifies the Insured Parent(s) up to the Limit(s) of Indemnity as stated in the Schedule for their liability assumed under contract. Liability assumed under contract includes paying medical expenses related to Maternity and Childbirth Delivery incurred during the Coverage Period by the person designated as their child-bearing Surrogate.

There are two types of insurance available for surrogate’s maternity care.

Insurance Options for Surrogacy


Surrogate Accidental Death Insurance for the surrogate’s family and the parents in the case of surrogate’s death.


There will also be medical insurance for the newborn baby.

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Together, our IMA ART Executive and Insurance teams will walk you through a range of insurance products and related legal documents for specific scenarios, such as using a surrogate. When dealing with international surrogacy arrangements, it’s important to have a crystal clear understanding of parental responsibilities v.s. surrogate responsibilities. Surrogate Medical, Maternity and Life insurance protect the surrogate’s health and your financial exposure. 

Other insurance and legal processes our experts can walk you through include:

  • Drafting surrogacy agreements that align with insurance policies

  • Surrogate’s insurance for the medical expenses

  • An insurance plan to support the surrogate mother’s family should anything go wrong

  • Medical insurance for the newborn baby

Whatever the need, our exclusive network of legal advisors and insurance providers can offer you the very best advice to protect your rights as legal parents.

Legal and Insurance Expertise to Protect Parent’s Interests

From surrogacy lawyers to fertility lawyers to experts in newborn Medical Insurance — the last thing you want to think about is navigating the complexities of surrogacy law. 

We at IMA ART have cultivated an expansive network of experts in family law, fertility law, surrogacy law, and medical insurance to take care of everything, so you don’t have to.

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