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Surrogacy Insurance — Covering parents, surrogates and newborns

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Surrogacy arrangements are legally, emotionally and financially complex. So we offer advice on managing all attendant risk 

From surrogacy lawyers to fertility lawyers to experts in newborn Medical Insurance — the last thing you want to think about is navigating the complexities of surrogacy law.

We at IMA ART Fertility have cultivated an expansive network of experts in family law, fertility law, surrogacy law, and medical insurance to take care of everything, so you don’t have to.

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Legal and Insurance Expertise to Protect Parents’ Interests

Comprehensive insurance coverage is vital for a safe, stress-free surrogacy journey. As a white-glove fertility and surrogacy agency, IMA ART prioritizes the healthcare, safety, and legal interests of intended parents as well as the gestational carrier.

Together, our IMA ART Executive and Insurance teams will walk you through a range of insurance products and related legal documents for specific scenarios, such as using a surrogate. When dealing with international surrogacy arrangements, it’s important to have a crystal-clear understanding of parental responsibilities vs. surrogate responsibilities. Surrogate Medical Insurance, Maternity Insurance and Life Insurance protect the surrogate’s health and your financial exposure.

Our experts can also walk you through these insurance and legal processes:​

  • Drafting surrogacy agreements that align with insurance policies

  • Surrogate’s insurance coverage for the medical expenses

  • Insurance plan to support the surrogate mother’s family should anything go wrong

  • Medical insurance for the newborn baby

Whatever the need, our exclusive network of legal advisors and insurance providers can offer you the very best advice to protect your rights as legal parents.


IVF Cycle Complications Insurance - this zero deductible insurance provides protection from complications arising from embryo transfers for surrogates. It covers:-

  • up to $250,000 maximum benefit amount

  • $100,000 Accidental Paralysis coverage

  • $100,000 Accidental Death coverage


At IMA ART Fertility we take luxury surrogacy to a whole new level. First and foremost, we do not rely upon a surrogate's existing health insurance plan, as many insurance companies are rejecting to cover medical expenses arising from surrogacy arrangements. We absolutely do not want our surrogates to be placed under enormous stress.

It is well known that stress during a pregnancy may lead to a premature birth. Creating a stress free environment for our surrogates is in our parents' best interests. Accordingly, we will introduce our intended parents to insurance plans which are specifically created for surrogacy. 

IMA ART Fertility recognizes this is not how things are usually done at other surrogacy agencies. 

IMA ART Insurance Requirements for Surrogacy

Here are the types of surrogacy insurance available for a surrogate’s maternity care.


Surrogate Accidental Death Insurance for the gestational surrogate’s family and the parents in the case of the surrogate’s death.


Surrogates are compensated for Loss of Reproductive Organs and Total Disability.

There will also be medical insurance for the newborn baby.

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Pattern background of the flower of life
Pattern background of the flower of life

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Surrogacy Insurance FAQ

Here are answers to common questions about surrogacy insurance. If we don’t answer your question here, see our main Parent FAQ or Surrogate FAQ, or contact us.

How can stress affect a pregnancy?

Feeling stressed is common during pregnancy. High levels of stress that continue for a long time may cause health problems, like high blood pressure and heart disease. During pregnancy, stress can increase the chances of having a baby who is preterm (born before 37 weeks of pregnancy) or a low birth weight baby (weighing less than 5 pounds, 8 ounces). Babies born too small are at increased risk of health problems

Is surrogacy covered by my health insurance plan?

Most insurance companies do not provide medical coverage for the surrogacy process. Only a few providers offer surrogate maternity insurance, usually with a prior requirement of deductibles and out-of-pocket co-payments.

At IMA ART Fertility, the healthcare and wellbeing of intended parents, surrogate mothers and their families, and newborn babies is essential. In the likely event that your insurance provider doesn’t cover gestational surrogacy, IMA ART Fertility will set up a meeting with our Insurance Specialist to discuss the best health insurance policies to cover the surrogate pregnancy.

What is a surrogacy insurance lien?

A surrogate’s own medical insurance policy may or may not cover for a pregnancy for someone else. Some policies include language expressly agreeing to provide maternity care coverage for surrogates, whereas other policies may include lien language into the policy. These liens essentially say that if a person receives compensation acting as a surrogate, the insurance company providing the coverage to the surrogate can legally require the surrogate to pay all or part of the surrogate’s compensation to the insurance company !


The very last thing a surrogate needs in her life, when she’s working so hard to bring a new life into this world, is a letter during the pregnancy stating her insurance carrier wants to grab all or part of her compensation. And good luck fighting a large insurance company with their deep pockets. 

Will insurance cover surrogacy-related complications?

At IMA ART Fertility, the insurance policies we use cover the cost of surrogacy-related complications, including IVF Cycle Complications,  Loss of Reproductive Organs (partial/total hysterectomy) and Total Disability. IMA ART Fertility strives to ensure surrogate mothers receive optimal healthcare.

How is Luxury Surrogacy and stress-free pregnancies and surrogate specific insurance all connected at IMA ART Fertility?

At IMA ART we do not take any chances with the well being of our surrogates, the babies they are carrying and the intended parents who are counting down the days for that child’s arrival in to their world. 


First and foremost, it is well documented that stress may lead to a premature birth among other problems - at IMA ART we work hard to minimize stress during pregnancy. The last thing our surrogates need or want is a letter in the mail from their regular insurance provider advising the surrogate that the insurance company is placing a lien on all or part of their very hard earned compensation for acting as a surrogate ! 


Luxury surrogacy at IMA ART Fertility requires our intended parents to purchase surrogate specific maternity care insurance for our surrogates. In fact, this is not only for the surrogates but also for the well being and health of the unborn child too. It’s all inter-related and inter-connected. 

Is there insurance coverage for IVF during surrogacy?

Yes ! At IMA ART Fertility, our luxury surrogacy program includes IVF Cycle Complications insurance for our surrogates and indirectly for the intended parents. This wonderful policy provides protection from complications arising from IVF cycles for patients, surrogates and/or egg donors.

Will my insurance through the Affordable Care Act (ACA) cover surrogacy?

While insurance plans available through the ACA, also called ObamaCare, may be attractive due to lower insurance costs, none are specifically designed to cover surrogacy. Whether or not surrogacy coverage can be accessed under these plans depends on the specific plan. Our Insurance Specialist will be able to assess your insurance plan and direct you to the best policy that will ensure necessary coverage for your surrogacy journey.

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