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For an individual or couple unable to conceive, there are few greater gifts than that of a new life.

Supporting becoming a surrogate with caring hands

Helping surrogates help others

When deciding to become a surrogate, you may experience a mix of excitement and trepidation. This is entirely natural, as it is a long-term, involved, and intimate commitment. But it is also one of the most profoundly rewarding and fulfilling gifts you can provide for couples and individuals unable to conceive on their own. 

As a surrogate mother, you’ll carry and deliver a baby, or twins, that you are not biologically related to. This is known as gestational surrogacy. To ensure a deeply rewarding experience, we’ll work to match you with parents you feel a real connection with, and who make you excited to help their dreams of having a child come true. 

Once matched, you’ll receive world-class medical and psychological support from implantation through delivery. Throughout that time, you will be protected by our robust governance policies and legal contracts which safeguard your privacy and rights.

Supporting your surrogacy journey

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our surrogates…

Most people believe the surrogacy journey ends upon delivery. And in most cases, they’re right. But at IMA ART, your support doesn’t end there. We understand that carrying a child as a surrogate is an incredibly personal and intimate experience, and your wellbeing is our top priority. 

Unlike most surrogacy programs, IMA ART provides you with access to top-rated clinical psychologists to support your psychological wellbeing throughout the pregnancy and following delivery.

Surrogacy after care and support

“There are few greater decisions than becoming a surrogate. Before setting out on this journey, you will, of course, have many questions, and at IMA ART we can help you work out if it’s the right decision for you”

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Pattern background of the flower of life
Pattern background of the flower of life

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Discover more about becoming a surrogate

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The surrogacy process is more complicated. IMA ART starts searching for surrogate candidates after there is a viable embryo. There are two trips for surrogacy and all steps are closely followed by IMA ART:

Surrogacy timeline


Medical Pre-Screening for the surrogate and FDA & Carrier Screening for the Parents.


IVF laboratory fertilizes the eggs to create embryos and performs Pre-implantation Genetic Testing (PGT).


Embryos frozen under cryopreservation in the IVF laboratory in Los Angeles. 


After viable embryo(s) are confirmed (approximately 2-3 weeks after PGT) IMA ART Fertility starts searching for surrogates.


IMA ART Fertility pre-screens surrogates’ criminal record, financial and physical condition (medical history) and creates a profile.


Surrogate and parents meet up.


After initially matched, the surrogate candidate will be examined further by our Fertility Specialist and Clinical Psychologist on her medical and psychological suitability to be a surrogate.


Once confirmed, both surrogate and parents engage attorneys to draft the Surrogate Agreement. If surrogate already has her own insurance policy, it will also be reviewed by her attorney to determine if additional surrogacy maternity and life insurance will be required.


If surrogacy maternity insurance is needed, IMA ART Fertility arranges an insurance adviser to explain the detailed terms of the insurance policy and explain the underwriting process.  


Contract executed by both parties. Surrogate starts taking IVF medications and undergoes frozen embryo transfer at an IVF Clinics designated by IMA ART Fertility. 


Once pregnancy is confirmed, parents and attorneys evaluate the need for new-born insurance and pay premium when fetus heartbeat is confirmed.


During the pregnancy, surrogate is monitored by her OBGYN and Clinical Psychologist. 


At around 28 weeks pregnancy, IMA ART Fertility works with our Reproductive Law attorney to obtain the Parental Court Order. 


At 36 weeks pregnancy, clients will travel to Los Angeles to pick up the new-born baby and go back to their home country as a family. (This trip may take upwards of 4-5 weeks)

While the surrogacy process can be complicated, we at IMA ART are here to help you every step of the way.

Your surrogacy journey can take anywhere from 12-20 months, but don’t worry — you’ll be supported with expert legal guidance, medical support, and insurance coverage to make your experience as comfortable and rewarding as possible.

Surrogacy timeline

Pattern background of the flower of life
Pattern background of the flower of life
Pattern background of the flower of life

Interested in becoming a surrogate?

Get in touch with our fertility concierge team today.