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A more integrated and unified Fertility Governance approach not only reduces risk, it improves security and privacy.

Ron Sonnenberg IMA ART Executive Vice President

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Michelle Tang IMA ART Founder and CEO
Judge's gavel representing IMA ART's unique fertility governance approach

Our cutting-edge Fertility Governance framework

Fertility Governance

improves communications and efficiency

Fertility Governance improves communications and efficiency, reducing the risks of multiple parties working in separate silos. It means every party knows their responsibilities in the fertility journey and are held accountable. It ensures all steps are implemented effectively and executed precisely. And it allows parents to make better, more informed decisions at every critical stage.

Empowering parents

The more integrated and unified Fertility Governance approach not only reduces risk, it improves security and privacy. We maintain tight technical and organisational measures to prevent unauthorised or unlawful access to any personal information. And we offer tailored advice and safeguards that ensure the security and integrity of all confidential client communications. IMA ART Fertility achieved HIPAA Compliance.

Safeguarding privacy through HIPAA Compliance

The fertility journey is emotionally demanding. It can be complex too, with many different parties involved, from medical teams and surrogates, to State and International Laws. So, you need to know the potential risks are clear and that you’re in the safest hands. That’s why we build everything we do around our pioneering Fertility Governance framework. This sets clear goals, monitors performance and controls, and evaluates outcomes.

Setting clear goals, mitigating risk

What is Fertility Governance

If you haven’t heard of fertility governance, you’re not alone. That’s because we at IMA ART coined the term and pioneered the concept. Fertility Governance is a management framework designed to support, organize, and streamline your fertility journey. In this way, our framework allows us to avoid siloed information and provide you with unparalleled privacy, organization, expertise, fertility care plans, and tailored pathways to parenthood.

Surrogacy couple holding hands walking

To ensure our approach is embedded within medical best-practice, we adhere strictly to ASRM (American Society for Reproductive Medicine) guidelines. This further protects the interest and outcomes of clients and surrogates, reassuring you of the quality and integrity of our partners, from IVF clinics and lawyers specializing in Reproductive Law, to Genetic Testing Laboratories and Egg and Sperm Banks.

Embedding best practice

An art piece of a man and woman holding her pregnant stomach

Finally, as part of our rigorous Fertility Governance framework, we maintain a transparent invoicing system. You will know where every part of your investment goes at each and every stage of the fertility process. We are also entirely independent of any other fertility stakeholder. So, with no conflicts of interest, we can remain unwavering advocates for your interests.

Ensuring transparency

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Accountabilities and responsibilities

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