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Surrogate candidate

We aim to find you the best parent or parents who need your help. Wait times for a match may be two to three months. All women who are accepted into IMA ART Fertility’s Surrogacy program meet the following critical pre-screening requirements and American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) guidelines

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Apply to be a surrogate

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There are physical, psychological and demographic requirements to become a surrogate —


The Fertility Clinic and your OBGYN will be asked to medically screen you for surrogacy. This is for your safety and the safety of the child. 

The following are general guidelines and requirements for becoming a surrogate. However, the IVF Clinic where the embryo is transferred and implantation happens will make the final determination based upon several medical factors and your medical history:-

Be between the ages of 21 and 41 when you apply

IMA ART Fertility adheres to ASRM guidelines allow for a surrogate to be up to 45-years-old. 

Had at least one healthy pregnancy and delivery (and no more than 5 prior pregnancies)

This is a general rule. However, the Fertility Clinic will make the final determination. This includes the number of C-sections. 

Full-term complication-free prior pregnancies

No delivery before 35 weeks. No delivery of multiples before 32 weeks. Generally speaking, educated predictors for a successful future surrogacy pregnancy are your prior pregnancies. 

BMI between 18 and 32

No history of gestational diabetes

If you were able to manage your gestational diabetes with dietary restrictions alone, you may meet IMA ART requirements for becoming a surrogate. However, if medications were prescribed to manage your diabetes, we are sad to advise you this does not meet our requirements.

No history of a psychiatric diagnosis such as major depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, psychosis, or a significant anxiety disorder and no current use or dependency on psychiatric medications, including all antidepressants

A surrogate candidate must be off all antidepressants for at least 3 to 6 months (varies by IVF clinic) with prescriber approval before medical and psych screening occurs.

No history of drugs or alcohol

Must be willing to carry a twin pregnancy in the event that one embryo splits into two

Must be willing to terminate a pregnancy in the event of defects where there is no chance for quality of life

The intended mother or father may have preferences regarding terminating a pregnancy in the event of a Down Syndrome diagnosis or similar condition. 

We prioritize matches with parents who feel similarly on these sensitive topics as you do. Our legal contract specifies that parents will get to make the final decision in the event there is a Down Syndrome or similar diagnosis, so we do our best to match surrogates and parents who’ll understand each other’s decisions.


As you know, multiple doctor visits, hormonal changes, and emotions are often associated with pregnancy. In addition to carrying on with your own life and raising your own child, you may also develop a personal and intimate relationship with the intended parents of the baby you are carrying. 

Because of how involved the surrogacy process can be, we provide all our surrogates with regular mental health support. During the pregnancy (also prior to embryo implantation) our Clinical Psychologist will check-in with you on a monthly basis to see how you’re doing. The details you share will be confidential.

It takes a courageous woman with an incredible spirit and generous heart to choose to carry a baby for someone else — we want to make sure you receive all the support you need to feel fulfilled on your surrogacy journey.


Financial Stability & Credit Check

Surrogates receiving food stamps or on Medicaid health insurance will not be accepted into our surrogacy program. Surrogates carrying large debts and or outstanding loans will also not be accepted into the program.

Surrogate candidates are not required to have their own health insurance policy. Many existing health insurance policies exclude maternity care for a gestational surrogate. 

Reside in a surrogacy-friendly state

Surrogates who live in a State where compensated or commercial surrogacy is prohibited will not be received into our surrogacy program. Visit our US Surrogacy Map for details about your State.

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Interested in becoming a surrogate?

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