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China's Mega Wealthy Invited to Private Fertility Consultations

IMA ART Fertility Beverly Hills Brings Their Exclusive Luxury Fertility & Surrogacy Family Creation Solutions to Futian Shenzhen

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BEVERLY HILLS, CA / ACN Newswire / JUNE 6 2023 / IMA ART Fertility Co-Founders Michelle Tang and Ron Sonnenberg travel from their Beverly Hills homebase to The Four Seasons Shenzhen end July - bringing with them private luxury fertility consultations for current and future discreet clientele interested in creating heirs in the U.S.

For China's mega-wealthy, who want the very best in U.S. Assisted Reproductive Technology and Surrogacy solutions, a discreet, private session with the Founders offers total confidentiality and an opportunity to learn all the latest fertility techniques and legal protections.

Private clients are cordially invited to personally meet with Michelle Tang - the firm's CEO and Ron Sonnenberg, at the upscale luxurious Four Seasons in Shenzhen. Clients will receive an initial private evaluation according to their individual family creation needs.

Clients are invited to reserve a time to meet the Co-Founders and are encouraged to openly discuss their family creation goals and the opportunity to create heirs. In turn, the Co-Founders will ask questions and begin to craft a customized fertility solution for each client.

IMA ART Fertility operates in the state of California, where there are no legal restrictions preventing any single person or couple from achieving dreams of parenthood. Intended parents from China who seek fertility help in California may also have the option to select the preferred gender of their baby. Other available options include egg freezing, plus sperm and egg donor arrangements, essential for single men or women wishing to become parents. If a woman is not able to conceive naturally and/or to carry the fetus to term, Surrogacy is legal in the state of California, and IMA ART

are specialists in surrogacy arrangements.

IMA ART's suite of fertility and surrogacy solutions are geared towards ultra-busy, highly affluent clients, which makes it a highly attractive partner in the process of becoming parents. Cross-border assisted reproductive technology requires careful advance planning and impeccably-executed logistics. For individuals who may not have a network in California and may not speak English fluently, creating children in a foreign country may be daunting. IMA ART Fertility handles all the logistics and administrative paperwork on behalf of the intended parents - providing daily updates and "white glove" guidance from start to finish. IMA ART is with you at every step along the way to parenthood.

About the Company: IMA ART offers the first-of-its-kind significant, unique, and consistently elevated luxury fertility experiences to intended parents from around the world. The privately held company is a high-value, bespoke professional advisory service providing transformative luxury fertility & surrogacy concierge services in Beverly Hills. The company's exclusive suite of discreet fertility options is exclusively available to busy high-net-worth individuals. Learn more about IMA ART Fertility.

Read this press release on here. Originally published on Accesswire.

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