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Fertility Treatments - Estimated Pricing & Outcomes

Fertility treatment options and their destinations are not created equally. There are huge differences in IVF standards, outcomes (many IVF centers have low success rates requiring more IVF cycles) as well as pricing from country to country, and clinic to clinic .

At IMA ART Fertility, we are singularly focused on treatments in the USA, and in particular the State of California. Our clinic is required, by law, to report success rates to either SART or CDC. Known as the fertility capital of the world, California provides numerous fertility clinics, egg & sperm banking, private laboratories, lawyers specializing in reproductive law and clinical psychologists.

IMA ART Fertility will only provide price estimates for fertility treatment after initial meetings have concluded. Moreover, it is only after medical pre-screening that a narrowed down pricing estimate will be provided to our patients.

Upon arrival at the IVF clinic in Beverly Hills, our professional fertility doctor will review medical records and perform additional tests.

The fertility doctor will develop a personalized treatment plan designed to achieve your successful outcome. An accurate cost estimate for fertility treatment can only be determined once a personalized treatment plan has been established.

It is important that our clients understand the fertility pricing. Many IVF centers advertise a low cost price that overlooks to include many critical aspects of treatment such as ICSI, PGT, sufficient medications, embryo freezing and anesthesia.