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How to choose an IVF Clinic in Beverly Hills?

IMA ART Fertility works with multiple top IVF clinics within the Beverly Hills community, or in close proximity to the 90210 zip code, for your fertility treatments.

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At IMA ART Fertility, we are singularly focused on treatments in the USA, and in particular the State of California. Our clinics are required, by law, to report success rates to either SART or CDC. Known as the fertility capital of the world, California provides numerous fertility clinics, egg & sperm banking, private laboratories, lawyers specializing in reproductive law and clinical psychologists.

It all starts with our Beverly Hills location. We wanted to be in close proximity to LAX, where surrogates from across the U.S., and intended parents from everywhere could fly-in, and be at their hotel in a reasonable period of time.

Before and after treatment, we wanted our surrogates, their significant others and intended parents to walk-around safely and confidently. To enjoy the sights and sounds…, and tastes a beautiful community has to offer.

We wanted a small city with multiple IVF options to choose from, set within a State where anyone can become a family. In the end, there was only one option - Beverly Hills, 90210 ! In this lovely iconic town, we have numerous IVF clinic options.:-

In addition to offering exemplary reproductive care, Beverly Hills offers fine dining options, luxury shopping along Rodeo Drive and some of America’s finest 5-Star Hotels. Our intended parents and surrogates have plenty of time away from their chosen clinic to relax, unwind and enjoy.

Once you’ve made a decision to undergo treatment in & around Beverly Hills, IMA ART Fertility will coordinate your arrival time and treatment start time with one of the IVF clinics we work with. We’ll speak to you about the doctors, nursing & support staff, general locations and advantages of each. We will also reach-out to the Doctors to check their availability too!

Welcome to Luxury Surrogacy Redefined.

Réserve to speak with us about your luxury fertility & surrogacy solutions.


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