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Navigating the Path to Parenthood: Where to Start and Why Personalized Care Matters in Luxury Fertility & Surrogacy

For discerning individuals and couples seeking to build a family, the decision to pursue fertility treatments or surrogacy can be momentous. Unlike a new outfit or a restaurant choice, it's a deeply personal journey with significant emotional and financial investment. The inclination is to seek out established names or "big brands" in the fertility and surrogacy landscape. However, when it comes to fertility, bigger doesn't equate to better.

IMA ART Fertility CEO & Co-Founder Michelle Tang

Beyond Names: The Value of Personalized Care by Michelle Tang, CEO & Co-Founder, IMA ART Fertility Maison | Beverly Hills

“Our experiences with healthcare throughout life shape how we approach new medical decisions. Many choose familiar hospitals or well-known specialists, assuming a long history translates to superior care & desirable results. However, in the dynamic field of fertility medicine, individualized treatment plans and meticulous attention to detail are paramount.

Consider this: a child – my baby - diagnosed with a rare illness may be treated differently at a local hospital versus a national center specializing in such conditions. At the local facility, the child is one of a few unique cases, while at the specialized center in Philadelphia, she became part of a large group receiving focused expertise.

Because of this experience, I am more determined to continue driving personalized care & customization to our unique luxury fertility & surrogacy approach”

Luxury Fertility & Surrogacy Maison: A Bespoke First-of-its-Kind Approach

The same principle applies to luxury fertility and surrogacy. At IMA ART Fertility, we understand that every client is unique. We don't subscribe to a "one-size-fits-all" approach. Instead, we offer a bespoke experience tailored to your specific needs and goals. Here's how personalized care elevates your surrogacy journey:

In-depth Consultations: We begin with comprehensive consultations to understand your medical history, fertility challenges, and family-building aspirations. These discussions are never rushed and take place over several weeks and months.

Customized Treatment Plans: Our team of experienced fertility specialists develops a tailored treatment plan based on your unique circumstances, maximizing your chances of success.

Unwavering Support, Accessibility and Responsiveness: Co-Founders Michelle Tang and Ron Sonnenberg are forever present, answering questions throughout the journey.

Choosing the Right Partner: Key Questions to Ask

As you evaluate potential fertility clinics and surrogacy agencies, consider these essential questions:

1.    Treatment Plan Development: Does the clinic employ a standardized protocol for all patients, or do they create personalized plans based on individual needs? Does the doctor personally meet you, speak with you to understand your medical history and examine you.

2.    Accessibility: Can you easily reach your doctor and specialists? How responsive are they to your inquiries?

3.    Specificity of Answers: Do you receive clear, tailored responses to your questions, or standardized generic information based on broader demographics?

4.    Transparency and Information: Does the medical team provide all the information you need to make informed decisions?

5.    Team Coordination: Do the various teams within the clinic collaborate effectively? Do you have a seamless transition from one team to another?

6.    Continuity of Care: Will you have a consistent point of contact throughout the process, or will you encounter different team members at each visit?

7.    Compassionate Care: Do you feel valued and respected by the staff? Do treatment plans prioritize your well-being and offer the best possible experience?

IMA ART: Where Luxury Meets Personalized Fertility Care

At IMA ART Fertility, we recognize the profound significance of your journey to parenthood. We are committed to providing a supportive and empowering environment where you feel valued, informed, listened to and confident every step of the way. We believe that luxury surrogacy is about more than just amenities; it's about exceptional, personalized care delivered with the utmost compassion and expertise.

Réserve to speak with us for a confidential consultation about your fertility solutions.  Let us discuss your goals and answer your questions in a confidential setting. Together, we can embark on the path to building your beautiful family. Let us guide you towards parenthood with the utmost respect for your privacy and the highest standards of personalized care in Beverly Hills.


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