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Redefining Transformative Luxury in the Rarified Field of Fertility & Surrogacy

How IMA ART Fertility, through its unique approach to fertility and surrogacy, introduced the ultimate transformative experience.

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PRESS RELEASE MAR 26, 2023 21:00 PST

BEVERLY HILLS, CA / ACCESSWIRE / March 26, 2023 / While completing her Executive Master's degree, at the Glion Institute of Higher Education Montreux Switzerland, IMA ART Fertility CEO Michelle Tang discovered similarities between the school's course work and the pathway to parenthood curated by the company. Michelle Tang's objective in attending Glion's Executive Master in Luxury Management and Guest Experience was to equip IMA ART Fertility with "best-in-class" tools to serve discerning clientele. The CEO's action plan includes further refinements of its immersive client experience and profound transformation to parenthood, based in part, on the lectures at Glion.

Mariana Palmeiro, of Glion explained how the latest market dynamics, economic growth, technological developments and globalization led to a surge of the transformation economy. The prestigious school identified that future trends in the luxury industry will focus on the Experience Economy, e.g. a luxurious yacht trip and the Transformative Economy - an experience which changed a client's life and fulfilled their aspirations.

This provided Ms. Tang further assurance that IMA ART's management direction, product offerings and personalized guest experiences were correct. IMA ART, which focuses on luxury fertility and surrogacy solutions for private high-net-worth individuals, offers the quintessential transformative experience that creates heirs and fulfills dreams of parenthood. IMA ART Fertility delivers its clients the ultimate transformative experience - creating heirs and fulfilling their dreams of parenthood. For many around the world, who face medical challenges conceiving or legal restrictions, there is no greater aspiration than creating a family.

IMA ART client transformations begin long before departure to California. This includes an intensive battery of medical tests and screening, to prepare for fertility treatments. IMA ART Co-Founders personally pick up arriving clients at LAX and escort them to their hotel in Beverly Hills. Co-Founders accompany clients in-person to their medical appointments and arrange a host of luxury excursions in Beverly Hills, Malibu and Hollywood. IMA ART Fertility business hours follow client hours, providing individualized support, empathy and care.

IMA ART will continue redefining the journey to parenthood, through its first of its kind luxury fertility & surrogacy concierge. Whether this be in the digital space through continued updates to the company's proprietary app or through personalized guest experiences and through becoming an alumni of the prestigious school and networking with some of the greatest forward thinking minds in the luxury and hospitality space.

Ms Tang is determined to lead the fertility and surrogacy concierge space and confidently states that no other company does what IMA ART Fertility is doing.

About the Company: IMA ART is a high-value, bespoke professional advisory service providing luxury fertility & surrogacy concierge and solutions in Beverly Hills. The company offers an exclusive suite of discreet fertility options to high-net-worth individuals. Learn more about IMA ART Fertility, at

Source: IMA ART Fertility

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