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Yahoo! Finance publishes IMA ART's 1-Year Beverly Hills Anniversary

A Boutique Fertility & Surrogacy Concierge with Exclusive Positioning, Committed to Providing Exceptional Care to the Affluent.

Surrogate and parents linking hands


BEVERLY HILLS, CA / ACCESSWIRE / May 2, 2023 / IMA ART Fertility celebrates their one-year anniversary in Beverly Hills - launching a first-of-its-kind luxury fertility and surrogacy concierge service, dedicated to helping high-net-worth individuals realize their dreams of parenthood.

Long before arriving on U.S. soil in the spring of 2022, the CEO & Co-Founder of IMA ART Fertility, Michelle Tang, identified an opportunity in a yet-to-be-defined field - luxury fertility and surrogacy.

The wealthy are not immune from the medical challenges and international legal hurdles associated with creating their families. Moreover, the super-rich often find themselves with little time to spare, as they're busy creating wealth for others. IMA ART Fertility Co-Founders made the decision to create and build a brand in a new rarified fertility space, exclusively targeting the uber-wealthy.

Researching the surrogacy digital landscape in the U.S., Ms. Tang identified a similarity among companies, vying for intended parents looking to create their families. Her objective was to bring something to the market which was appreciably and profoundly unique.