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Born from profound,

personal experience

At our heart is our founder, Michelle Tang. From her own experience of the myriad medical, legal, and emotional complexities of the fertility journey, comes our profound commitment to building our clients’ families. 

Our commitment to technical excellence, robust governance, and unparalleled personal concierge services can all be traced back to Michelle’s unwavering dedication to providing parents with a compassion-fueled, white-glove approach to parenthood.

IMA ART Fertility founder, and head of surrogacy solutions, Michelle Tang
Rodeo Drive Beverly Hills where our surrogacy solution office is based

Because you don't have time to create your family


We help you conceive through custom tailored  fertility & surrogacy solutions. Beverly Hills, California.  

Gain access to our curated network of the world’s leading experts in personalized fertility solutions, reproductive law, clinical psychology and surrogate insurance, alongside our cutting-edge approach to fertility governance and the meticulous support of our impeccable concierge services.

We know firsthand how deeply personal the journey to becoming a parent is. We believe everyone deserves the right to top fertility treatments and expert support in becoming a parent. We proudly serve individuals, couples, LGBTQ+ members, and those with unique needs and desires.

A novel, white-glove approach to parenthood

We only take on a few clients each year, so there are no limits to the care and personalized support we offer you.

Our clients appreciate the value of a high-end experience, and want access to the world’s best who will craft you a custom path to parenthood. Michelle will personally manage and guide your entire fertility journey using her cutting-edge Fertility Governance approach. In the meantime, you’ll be treated to exclusive experiences organized by our luxury concierge team, so you can relax and enjoy your journey to parenthood.

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We’ve developed relationships with the world’s leading experts in Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART), reproductive medicine, and surrogacy, so you can rest easy knowing you’re working with the best. If you hope to carry your child, we’ll exhaust every option to bring your child into the world, your way. This could include donor solutions, egg donation, sperm donation, and more. If you opt for a gestational surrogacy, you’ll be able to choose from IMA ART’s personally vetted surrogate mothers.

A keenly curated network of fertility specialists & surrogacy experts

We pride ourselves in delivering exceptional experiences not just for parents, but for our surrogates as well. We want to ensure a deeply meaningful, fulfilling, and successful outcome for all parties, so we work hard to provide our surrogates with the support they need. Unlike most surrogacy agencies, our surrogates have access to our personal Clinical Psychologist to help them on their surrogacy journey. We also take into careful consideration our surrogates preferences for intended parents, to ensure a happy match.

Unrivaled surrogacy support

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We are with you all the way — offering empathy, understanding and the right kind of support from initial enquiry to your very first steps as a family.

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For many people entering the world of fertility services, the legal landscape can be intimidatingly complex. That’s why we offer access to leading attorneys working at the forefront of reproductive law in the United States. You’ll be assured of your legal rights as intended parents and surrogates, while protecting your privacy throughout the process. You’ll also have access to expert insurance advisors who’ll help you every step of the way.

The very best legal protection and insurance expertise

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