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Redefining Motherhoods Journey

My Pursuit of excellence in surrogacy at IMA ART Fertility.

Maternity Portrait of Michelle Tang, CEO and Co-Founder of IMA ART Fertility.
Michelle Tang, CEO and Co-Founder

As the visionary behind IMA ART, I want to share a story not just of surrogacy, but of an extraordinary experience we call Luxury Surrogacy. It's an endeavor my partner Ron and I embarked on to transform the journey of surrogacy into something more than a medical process — it's a journey of heart, luxury, and unparalleled care. In the world of surrogacy, the emotional and physical demands can be immense. Recognizing this, we set out to reimagine the entire experience. Our goal was simple yet profound: to minimize stress and amplify care at every turn, for everyone involved – the parents-to-be, the surrogate, and their families.

Here’s how we’re making this vision a reality:

  • Exquisite Medical Care: We partner with elite fertility experts to ensure that both surrogates and intended parents receive the best possible care. This isn’t standard treatment; it's top-of-the-line medical support.

  • Elite Surrogate Selection: Our surrogates are more than carriers; they are cherished partners in this journey. We ensure they are surrounded by love and support, key elements for a healthy pregnancy.

  • Utmost Privacy: We understand the value of discretion. Our commitment to privacy is unwavering, with secure communication channels for all parties involved.

  • Tailored Insurance Plans: From covering IVF complications to providing comprehensive maternity care, our insurance plans are meticulously designed for peace of mind.

  • Mental Wellness Focus: Mental health is as crucial as physical health. Our surrogates have regular sessions with clinical psychologists, ensuring their emotional well-being.

  • Sensitive Approach: We consciously avoid displaying baby pictures on our site, respecting the emotional journey of our clients.

  • Customized Concierge Services: Our services are bespoke, crafted to cater to the specific needs and desires of our discerning clients.

  • Expert Legal Support: We offer comprehensive legal services to navigate the complexities of surrogacy, ensuring a smooth and secure process for all.

  • Respectful Compensation for Surrogates: We honor the commitment of our surrogates with generous compensation and thoughtful amenities like weekly housekeeping.

At IMA ART, Luxury Surrogacy is more than a service—it's a celebration of life, a symphony of care and luxury, and a commitment to making the journey to parenthood as joyful and

stress-free as possible. We're not just assisting in the birth of a child; we're nurturing dreams and creating lifelong memories. Join the IMA ART family, where the journey to parenthood is redefined with care, luxury, and an unmatched level of personalization.

Warm regards,

Michelle Tang, CEO & Co-Founder

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Pattern background of the flower of life
Pattern background of the flower of life
Pattern background of the flower of life

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